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About Us

Vettiger Vidler Engineers has a long proud history dating back to 1932. Joe Vettiger started his general engineering business in what was then known as Little Russell Street Toowoomba. Soon after, the Great Depression came and Joe had to give up his business and went to work for the Toowoomba Foundry.

In 1938 Joe Vettiger and Alan Vidler got together and Vettiger Vidler Engineers was born. Then came the Second World War, and many industries, along with Vettiger Vidler Engineers, had their machinery commandeered for the war effort. Without any machinery it was back to the Toowoomba Foundry.

After the war Vettiger Vidler Engineers re-opened, taking on a new partner Albert Brosi and in 1949 Dick Ellevsen. In 1951 they moved to their current address 13 Laurel Street Toowoomba. By the mid seventies ownership had passed on to three sons, Graham Vettiger, Horst Brosi and Brian Ellevsen. Vettiger Vidler Engineers continued to grow. Due to plans for retirement the opportunity arose to purchase Vettiger Vidler Engineers and current employees, Adrian Lynch and Craig Lange became the new company directors. Vettiger Vidler Engineers now boasts over 1200 sq mtrs. of workshop space, a wide selection of machinery, and customers from all around Australia.

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